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Sell Your Car In San Diego

There is a growing problem across the country that has to do with vehicles that are not running, just sitting in yards or driveways rusting away. The problem is that people often do not know what to do with these junk vehicles since nobody wants to just give them away. Today there is hope. Junk my car San Diego is a car buying service that provides resources to the San Diego area.


We will purchase your junk car, those that are no longer running, for cash on the spot. We will also come to your home or office and take the vehicle off of your hands so you do not need to worry about towing it yourself. It is hard to sell a car, especially a junk car that really has no monetary value as far as the blue book goes. We take the work out of selling your non-running car and pay you to basically do nothing and get the junk car out of your yard. With more and more places actually disallowing non-running cars from being parked anywhere, this makes the process easy and effortlessly. You will get rid of your car and get the cash that you need for it.


While we do purchase vehicles of all makes and models, we do not currently purchase running vehicles. We are only interested in those that do not start or run. We have our own transportation to get your junk vehicle away from your driveway or yard so you don't have to try and move it on your own or pay for an expensive tow just to haul it off to a junk yard. Wouldn't it be more practical to pay us to haul it away for you?


We have been in business for years and provide a quality service to those who use us. Our previous customers will tell you that we make the entire process both easy and profitable. They will also tell you that we have an exceptional reputation for being honest and reliable with all of our customers. After all, we are here to make the process easy for you.

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